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Your Digital Home provide a range of services  from installations that will enhance your home to installations that will transform your home.

These days you can purchase a range of products that will allow you to listen to music  held digitally in one place on products in another room, or turn a light on in another room with a remote but it tends to be disjointed at best and fail to work properly at worst.

Your Digital Home can put it all together for you seamlessly.

We use highly qualified fitters and electricians to make sure that your system not only works perfectly but is tidy and safe.

Our services break down into six main categories which can be treated separately or merged to create a more complete experience.

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Your Digital Home
  • Project design

    All you will need to get started is an idea.

    We do the rest.

    We design the entire project from sourcing the equipment you need to placement and fitting.  We plan everything in advance.

    More than that, while designing your project we will be aware of possibilities you may not have even thought of.

    We don't just install a system, we design it specifically for you.

    For more information use the link for home automation.

  • Home Network

    Your home is not just a collection of rooms, it can be a networked space.

    No matter where you are in your home you can be connected to your network, from the kitchen to the garden shed.

  • Security

    The security of your family and your home is probably foremost in your mind.  Either as a standalone system or part of a home automation system we can install everything from alarm systems, security cameras through to keyless door entry systems.

    Imagine being able to give a tradesman an entry code that will only work between 9 and 5 on days of your choosing and then simply cancel the code when their task is complete.  Just one of the many security options we can offer.

    Use the link to home automation to find out more.

  • Energy management

    Saving energy isn't just about turning the heating down a bit (although that helps), it's about  everything working together.  Heating that turns itself down in vacant rooms, curtains that automatically shut at sundown help to keep heat in, lights that turn themselves on and off so there is no power being wasted lighting empty rooms.

    There are many ways we can help you to save energy.

    Please use the links to intelligent lighting and home automation to find out more.

  • Entertainment systems

    Why have three systems for three rooms when you can have one system that  does the entire house?

    Have a look at multi room entertainment for more information.

  • Support services

    Installing a home cinema or an entire smart home system is all very well but suppose you want to add to it, or upgrade it or, in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, repair it?

    Your Digital Home has you covered with a full support service ensuring that your systems continue to do what you want for as long as you want.

  • Multi room entertainment
  • Home cinema
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Home automation
Every thing except the kitchen sink

When it comes to home automation our services provide everything bar the kitchen sink, and we're working on that.

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