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NuVo multi-room audio, smart TV and soundbar, London

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Mr  Quirke contacted us after hearing a recommendation from another client explaining that he required a multi-room audio system and advice on the cabling installed at his new property which had been provisioned by the developer.

After meeting with Mr Quirke in London and undertaking a through check of what was in place we installed a NuVo multi-room audio system, complete with keypads and commissioned the system to work as requested.  We added a DAB radio tuner to the system that offered radio presets as this enables preferred radio stations to be easily selected from the different rooms.

A Samsung soundbar was also installed to enhance the TV movie experience.

Project duration: 1 day

A demonstration of the system was provided and the project completed.

  • Terminate the cabling left hanging from the wall by the builder
  • Extend pre-provisioned cabling where required and terminate to the music system installed in an AV cabinet in the living room
  • Install the NuVo Simplese system, Smart TV and YAMAHA TD500BLB FM/DAB Tuner
  • Terminate the digital cabling to the DAB tuner and program requested DAB preset for NuVo control
  • Terminate the Cat5e cabling to provision the home network and test
  • Install the NuVo wall mounted control pads
  • Install and configure the Samsung Soundbar
  • Complete the final settings on the NuVo system and perform a full system test

Outline of install


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