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Your Digital Home
Your Digital Home
Your Digital Home, Home automation, Smart home installations

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Audio visual equipment

multi room entertainment

Things have moved on a bit

These days your entertainment can follow you around the house

Your Digital Home can make it happen

Smart home control
Multi room entertainment

Your music, your films, in fact all your entertainment can be  be located in one place in your home but  seen and listened to anywhere in your house and garden.  All at the touch of a button on a dedicated remote control or, better still, an app on your mobile device.

Using the very latest equipment we can install a system which you can use from the living room, the garage, your garden shed and every single space in between.

From a simple  system that will read your existing media library (an iTunes library on your iMac for example) to a sophisticated system with  dedicated media servers.  It's up to you!

Would you like to know how we can put multi room entertainment in your home?  Just call us on 0845-862-5151 or use our contact page HERE.

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