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Multi room audio system, Winslow, Buckinghamshire

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We were approached by Mr Meiris of Winslow, Buckinghamshire after another company had provided an unsatisfactory service.

The requirement  was to complete an installation of a multi-room audio system including the supply of the remainder of the system components and the installation and commissioning of the system.  We were also asked for guidance on appropriate aerials and positioning as well as routing the audio output of the existing SkyHD service into the audio system.


After a number of calls with our team and a site visit a proposal was produced which was accepted by the client.

The system was commissioned successfully shortly afterwards.

The music system had twin radio tuners attached so that up to two different radio stations could be listened to in two different rooms simultaneously and in addition an iPod, docked with the music system could be controlled from any room in the home.  With the iPod music content and a wealth of radio stations to choose from this solution provided a true multi-room audio experience.

Excellent service, which is what I was not receiving from another outlet.

System designed well and works fine.

Mike Meiris

Client comments:

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