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home cinema

Cinema projector

Home cinema isn’t quite what is used to be.

Now you really can go to the cinema without leaving the house

You may not be able to dedicate an entire room to your home cinema but that won't stop you from having the full experience.

Your Digital Home can outfit any room in the house as a cinema, with pull down screens, hidden or flush fit speakers you can have your living room and cinema in the same space.

A large screen and full surround sound (complete with the inevitable sub woofer) will turn watching your favourite movies  into an event you can share with family and friends.

If you do have the room to dedicate to your home cinema, then so much the better!

The only thing you need to make home cinema a reality is Your Digital Home.

If you wanted to expand the possibilities why not tie your home cinema together with a media server and make it so much more than just a home cinema?

Home cinema
Your Digital Home

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